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Like a Salvador Dali painting, each iconic piece in Erika Walton’s Alter Ego collection turns the conventional into the sublime and sets new standards for originality in jewelry.

The concept came at a prodigiously young age when Erika, then 15, began creating unique adornments by stringing together abandoned toys she found while babysitting.

Out of these experiments, Erika’s first official Alter Ego piece was born; ‘The Car Bracelet’. Instantly recognizable, wearable and gender and genre defying “The Car Bracelet’ caught on and within a few months Erika found herself setting up production in the garage of her family’s Santa Cruz, CA home to meet growing demand.

Expanding her range to include whimsical necklaces she began a journey that over the next seven years saw her designs grow in stature and grace the pages of the world’s leading fashion magazines.

Titles including Vogue, Cosmo Girl, WWD and Elle have all highlighted her work for it’s youthful vibrancy and natural elegance.

Ever environmentally conscious, Erika prides herself on the fact that Alter Ego recycles vintage toys from the 1950’s - 1990’s and incorporates them with semi-precious stones, beads and charms to create unique, hand-crafted pieces to treasure forever.

Currently, Erika’s jewelry has been sold in over 150 stores in 10 different countries worldwide and continues to be a much sought after celebrity accessory.

As a result of her success, the entrepreneurial Erika Walton has herself become in demand, as a consultant to other start-up businesses in the fashion world that recognize her talent and value her insight. From hip, Harajuku girls to louche, LA rockers, Erika Walton’s bold designs have managed to attract like-minded visionaries who share a passion for stylish innovation and wear their hearts, preferably, around their sleeves.